ssTips Mata Sehat ala Miss Indonesia 2014

Tips Mata Sehat ala Miss Indonesia 2014

Menjaga kesehatan mata sudah menjadi salah satu prioritas bagi Miis Indonesia ini.

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  • Essilor - VARILUX PHYSIO CR 39 NE, A2 SF

    Rp. 1.000.000 - Rp. 1.999.999


CATEGORIES : Prog (Progressive)
COLOR : Clear
CYL : -0,25 s/d -4,00
PRICE RANGE : Rp. 1.000.000 - Rp. 1.999.999
SPH : +5.00 s/d -10,00

Progressive : Progressive addition lenses (PAL) are corrective lenses used to correct presbyopia and other disorders of accommodation. CR 39 1.50 Material : Plastic lenses are currently the most commonly prescribed lens, due to their relative safety and outstanding optical quality. Varilux Physio : Knowing how important visual acuity is for today's wearers, Varilux Physio delivers high resolution vision. Based on physiological studies, Varilux Physio respects specific eye requirements in every gaze direction and innovates in the three zones of the lens: distance, intermediate and near. Your patients will appreciate Varilux Physio in every lighting condition and for all visual tasks. NE : Varilux New Edition using the latest technologies ensures all wearers a maximum level of performance for a unique and comfortable vision, whatever the distance, in particular by a wider field of vision, even in complex prescriptions.

Essilor is the leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of optical lenses in the United States. In 1996, with the establishment of Essilor Laboratories of America, Inc. (Essilor Laboratories), Essilor became the first fully integrated optical company in the United States. Specializing in ophthalmic lens production, manufacturing and distribution in addition to wholesale optical laboratory operations. With customers in mind, Essilor works closely with eyecare professionals to provide innovative products that fit their lifestyles. The industry's most technologically advanced lenses demonstrate the company's ability to respond to consumer demand for quality eyewear that is comfortable, attractive, durable and lightweight.  

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